Reseller Program




We are a white label company formation solutions agency that offers legal and compliance services for resellers for onshore, mid-shore and offshore companies.

You’ll have everything you need to get your company secured and meeting full compliance. We offer legal services, bookkeeping and finances, tax compliance and much more.

The Reseller will be able to reevaluate and delegate some or all of their services to a third party to take care of them.

With this type of program, a contract is made with an outside solutions company to help improve the distribution of your services in many different markets. In this way, resellers can determine their own pricing and offer support and other value-expanding services to their customers.

Attorney Jurisdiction will take care of marketing campaigns to capture leads for you. We will do market research to make sure we get the message out to your target audience, letting them know why your services are the best fit for their needs and why you are the best option in the market for them.

The partner program includes the following:

20% discount on any subscription plan (per referral).

Advice and training on services

Lead generation

Important information about our Company Formation Services and Compliance

Monthly sales reporting and tracking

Monthly KPI reports

Juicy commissions based on the service plan

Billing options and processes

Customized proposals

Legal terms and conditions

An introduction to our Attorney Jurisdiction team with your assigned account representative’s contact details

Use of our local experts in subject matter for inquiries and guidance.

Do you want to be part of our team and earn great profits?

We will help you meet your goals while providing your customers with top-quality services, reaching new markets, and increasing your online revenue by partnering with us.

There are 2 types of modalities to become our partner:

  1. A) Referral Partner

A person or company that recommends their clients to us and earns a referral fee.

This is a referral system: you don’t sell, you just make recommendations. Therefore, it is not about managing the client, we will do it for you and we will be happy to work with our referral partner when he wants to continue participating in our program.

Recommended for company formation service providers who are looking to help their clients start a new company onshore or abroad, taking into consideration all aspects of intellectual business.

To be part of our referral partners you don’t have to learn everything about company formation. All you will have to do is direct and refer potential clients to our website when they require professional business solutions for their business.

Once a new order is closed with the client, our referral partners receive their commission or credit for the referral to our company formation services.

We will send you an introductory email. We do the follow-up, training, and closing.

You will have access to a 20% commission on services purchased.

  1. B) Reseller Partner

Individual or company looking to outsource some or all of your company formation solutions to complement the services your company offers.

We use the White Label system where we share packages, customized strategies, and elaborate white-label reports. The reseller partner is presented as the client’s administrator and we only maintain communication with the reseller.

This option is designed for you to provide us with the information and content needed for the service and we will use it to carry out the client’s request. Your company maintains the relationship with the client and you generate benefit to your company through the services you provide such as Bookkeeping, Legal advice, unique tax identifier, Corporate Governance, etc.

You will get wholesale prices on our services offered to your clients and a 20% discount on any subscription plan or tailor-made package.

 If you have a company formation service and you are looking to take over the relationship with the client and manage the project, but you don’t want to complicate the implementation of the new business formation strategy, this is your best option.

You will have the possibility and the advantage of being the one who controls the prices of our services and establish the profit margins that work for your company, all while working directly with the client. We will work on behalf of your company.

The moment one of your clients decides to hire any of the services we offer on our website at Attorney Jurisdiction, one of our expert consultants will take care of him and provide the contracted service, all on behalf of your company.

 We are always here to help you at all times. Our team of professional experts will help you solve any technical problem or give you tips and tricks to become a reseller.

Submit your application and we will evaluate your eligibility for our white label services.

Our innovative white label reseller program means that our team will continue to operate as part of your team. We will provide all documentation, reports, and other communications with your company logo.

We want to expand our team with people who bring their expertise to our group to create a great combination of skills and knowledge to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Our partners will not only bring the right value to our business, but will also help strengthen relationships with clients who will shift their focus to what they do best: running their operations smoothly and productively. 

What benefits do you get?

You can get a 20% commission on services purchased by referral.

You will be able to focus on your business by only collecting the necessary customer information that we can use to offer additional services.

You will maintain the relationship with the client and offer additional benefits through the services you provide.

You will get special prices and internal offers to hire any of our services for your company. For example, a 20% discount on any subscription plan for your own use.

You don’t need to know everything about these services. Our experts can handle everything for you, including maintenance agreements and follow-up services.

Attorney Jurisdiction reseller program is ideal for local community businesses. We are here to support your effort by giving you access to our resources and expertise locally and externally.

Attorney Jurisdiction offers you a customized plan of action based on your business needs and goals.  

In addition, we offer a new modality that aims at helping corporate business professionals get the word out on their new company formation ventures.

Give 25% – Get $25

Every time you refer someone new to Attorney Jurisdiction, they’ll get 25% off their first purchase and you get a $25 credit with us, so you can take advantage of our company formation services at a lower cost and help you get even more exposure.  

Referring users must have an active account with Attorney Jurisdiction to be eligible to earn a referral reward by referring someone new to our website and services. Referred new customers must make their first purchase using a referral code for the referring user to be rewarded. Only one referral reward or promotion can be used at a time on any eligible purchase.

 Want to start a successful partnership with us?

Complete the form below with your information and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to inform you of the options we have for both of you to succeed.