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We offer a wide range of legal services designed to help entrepreneurs get their startups and small businesses up and running easily. Our services are also for individuals seeking legal assistance and families who need continued legal protection.

Protecting loved ones, wealth and business interests is an important part of life and guarantees peace of mind. Getting the right legal services under the guidance of an expert will give everyone the peace they need in their day-to-day life.

A World Of Possibilities

  • Family Law
  • Tax Law
  • Labor Law
  • Legal Counseling

Alimony Pension Processes./ Domestic violence processes.

Processes of domestic violence./Physical violence.

Psychological Violence./Sexual Violence

Patrimonial Violence/Breach of Duties

Breach of a protection measure./Naturalizations.

Normalization of migratory status./Marriage contract.

Affectation of family property./Paternity and filiation tests.

Adoption processes./Custody.

De facto Union.

Processes for the protection of Children and Adolescents.

A monthly fee of $1,199.95 can be established per client, physical person

$1,599.19 per individual and commercial company.

$1,599.19.00 per family.

Tax obligations.

Application of the generating event

Exemptions, reductions, or benefits

Extinction of tax obligations.

Infractions and administrative sanctions

Formal Duties of the Taxpayer and Persons Responsible.

Application of income tax (Income Tax)

Application of income at the source (Wage Income)

Capital Income

Global Income

Worldwide Income

Employee Obligations

Employer Obligations

Collective Agreement

Collective Conventions

Type of working days

Compulsory leave

Mandatory Vacations

Of salary and measures to protect it

Employer to employee ratio

Labor risk insurance

Workplace harassment

Payment of the employer's obligations for termination of the employment contract.

Advice on legal matters

Crossborder law

International Business

Business Set up

Binding decisions

Legal documentation

Clientele representation

Settling disputes

Legal matters cannot wait.

  • Immigration
  • Consumer Rights
  • Civil Rights
  • Notary Services

Our areas of expertise include:




Visas to other countries.

Processes in embassies and consulates



Translations prepared by certified experts

Defending Claims from Buyers of Credit Cards and Other Debts.

Prevention of wage garnishment due to debt.

Litigation on behalf of individuals facing wrongful collections and consumer fraud.

Representing consumers seeking a fresh start through bankruptcy.

Protect homeowners from foreclosure.

We believe that all human beings have the right to live in freedom, peace, and dignity. We work diligently to protect your civil rights. We fight:

Discrimination in the workplace

Police brutality

Wage violations

The use of excessive force

Sexual assault

Hate crimes

Violations of labor rights

Cruel and unusual punishment

Violations in seizures and searches

Human trafficking

Purchase and Sale of Real Estate in Guatemala

Dismemberment and partition of Real Estate. (Based on the number of square meters)

Processes of divorces and marriages of Guatemalans and foreigners in Guatemala.

Constitution of family assets



Succession processes of wills and donations due to the death of the deceased.

It depends on the value of the assets registered by the deceased

Inheritance processes (Treasury and intestees)

Name problems in Guatemala (Change of name and identification of person and third parties)

Incorporation of companies and Mercantile Societies


 We provide a variety of legal services, including family law, labor law, tax law, immigration services, consumer rights, civil rights, alternative dispute resolution, criminal law, administrative law, commercial law, corporate governance, counseling and notarization services.

  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Governance

Extension of sentence.

Civil Consequences of a Punishable Act

Procedural Guarantees

Criminal Action

Opportunity Criteria.

Suspension of the Trial Procedure.

Rights of the victim.

Preliminary Investigation Process

Process on the Administrative Conduct Object of the Process

Demand and Answer


Judicial Contentious Process

Smart Contract.

Loan contract.

Purchase / Sale Contract.

Review of Adhesion Contracts.

Future Goods Contracts.

Loan agreement.

Gambling and Betting Contract.

Leasing contract.

Merchandise Transport Contracts.

Development of Programs, manuals, and data analysis of Corporate Compliance.

Investments in the short, medium, and long term.

Export and import of merchandise (customs procedures).

Currency trading.

Financial supervision according to compliance regulations.

Corporate Compliance.

Consulting and Web Training

Advice on Electronic Commerce